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Alumni Expertise: Practicing Business Law in New York

Demetrios G. Xistris is a corporate, commercial, securities and business and financial attorney with more than 30 years of experience. He has worked at two major Wall Street law firms and spent more than a decade at major Wall Street investment banks as a Managing Director of various legal teams.Mr Xistris will be hosted as part of Professor Janda’s Droit des affaires class.

Blakes – Arbitrage face à face: litige c. corpo

This event, organized by the McGill Arbitration Society, will take place in Room 312 NCDH. 

Labour Law Cocktail

The Labour Law Portfolio of the Human Rights Working Group is pleased to invite you to this year's labour law cocktail. The event will take place at the Thomson House Corner Lounge (back left), 3650 Rue McTavishCome out and meet labour law practitioners from firms including Cavalluzzo, Sack Goldblatt Mitchell, Ursel Phillips Fellows Hopkinson, as well as the legal counsel of Bombardier.  L'événement est organisé en collaboration avec le CDO.

Independent Human Rights Summer Internships: Conversation entre étudiants

You want to find a human rights or social justice internship but you don't know where to start? Join ASF McGill's informal lunch at Thomson House to discuss with 2L to 4L students who have found and taken part in such opportunities. They will share their tips and tricks on finding an internship, present tasks involved in their work, describe their host organization and give their overall appreciation of the summer.Suite à de courtes présentations de chacun, vous pourrez discuter avec eux et poser toutes vos questions dans un cadre informel tout en profitant d'un délicieux diner.

McGill Law Music Fest

This year's McGill Law Music Fest will take place at Divan Orange on St-Laurent, on November 24 at 7:30 pm. 

Coffeehouse MJLH

Coffeehouse organized by the McGill Journal of Law & Health.


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