Alumni Expertise: Practicing Business Law in New York

Blakes – Arbitrage face à face: litige c. corpo

Labour Law Cocktail

Independent Human Rights Summer Internships: Conversation entre étudiants

McGill Law Music Fest

Coffeehouse MJLH

MESLA & OCFC Coffeehouse

MBLA at Osler

McMillan Lunch Panel

MBLA at Dentons

MIFA & Ski Club Coffeehouse

Coffeehouse Actus Reus, Outlaw & Wine Society

Gowlings Coffeehouse

Coffeehouse McGill Law Model United Nations Club & Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project

JSDLP & ELM Coffeehouse

Inter Gentes & McGill International Law Students' Society Coffeehouse

Coffeehouse Norton Rose Fulbright

McMillan Lunch Conference

MBLA at Gowlings


Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg Panel

McCarthy Tétrault In-House Event

Conférence Desjardins

5 à 7 Blake's

Lunch with Dick Pound (Stikeman Elliott)


Norton Rose Fulbright Conference (MBLA)

ALSA Public Interest Careers Speedmeet

Stagiaire Panel

International Career Guide Launch

Ottawa Panel with Firms

Toronto 2nd Round Info Session

Courts and Clerkships Panel

Government Panel

Alumni Expertise: Building your own practice

Consulting Panel- Part 2 of "Outside the Lex Series" on Alternative Career paths

Supreme Court Clerkships Info Session with Prof Miller

Alumni Expertise: Structured Problem Solving

1L SLL Series, Part 5: Exam Prep session

Money Monday

Happiness: the Workshop (Counselling Services)

3L Degree Audits

1L SLL Series, Part 4 (Groups 5 & 6): Degree Planning

1L SLL Series, Part 4 (Groups 3 & 4): Degree Planning

2L SLL Series, Part 2: Library Advanced Research Seminar

1L SLL Series, Part 4 (Groups 1 & 2): Degree Planning

Outgoing Exchange Information Session

1L SLL Series, Part 3: A conversation with the Associate Dean (Academic)

1L SLL Series, Part 2: Info session for Cegep students with Prof. Sébastien Jodoin

National Bank Conference

Pause café Osler

Open Air Coffeehouse - Fasken Martineau

Stikeman Elliott Soccer Challenge

BLG in the Atrium

Alternative Career Week

Small Firms Luncheon

Bar Info Session

CV Clinic with Recruiters

First Year Info Session

Career Day

Journée Carrières

Cover Letter and C.V. Workshop

CaS Info Session Part 2

CaS Info Session Part 1

Public Interest Career Day

Grad Info Session

Finding Summer and Articling outside of Organized Recruitment

Étudier le droit: More than just a path to a new career

Inuit v. Big Oil, an exploration of David and Goliath Climate Litigation in North America

Gowlings Toronto Conference - Approaching OCI's: Tips & Strategies, A recruiter's perspective

Seminar with CBA President Fred Headon

ASF McGill & Oppenheimer Chair Brown Bag Lecture

Avocats sans frontières Recruitment Info Session

International Justice Career Night

Advising Day

Minerva & Choosing Courses (Student Life & Learning) Info Session

Mooting Information Session

Clerkship Information Session

Lenczner Slaght - Mock Cross Examination and Cocktail

Stikeman Elliott - Interactive Dinner

Avocats sans frontières Canada @ McCarthy Tetrault

Feminist Collective Speed Meet

Conférence MLJ

Criminal Law Career Panel

ASF McGill Vernissage - Human Rights Photo Exhibit

Clyde & Co. Open House

JSDLP Arctic Law Colloquium

Norton Rose Fulbright - Annual Event

Conférence Banque nationale

Conférence Desjardins

Fasken Martineau Foosball Event

MJDR Coffeehouse

Coffeehouse MJLH

Coffeehouse MLJ

JSDLP Coffeehouse

Conférence IMK

Osler - Simulation d'un conseil d'administration

BLG In-House Event

MBLA McCarthy Tétrault

Gowlings In-House Event

Lavery In-House Event

Blakes Breakfast

Cocktail McMillan

MBLA Davies

Blakes In-House Event

MBLA - Stikeman Elliott

MBLA - Gowlings

Fasken Martineau In-House Event


Davies Breakfast

Welcome Back Brunch (Student-Well Being Committee)

McCarthy Tétrault’s Conference on Diversity

Conférence Norton Rose Fulbright - Pro Bono: A Public Duty in Private Practice

MBLA - Norton Rose Fulbright

1L Course Scheduling Advising (Groups 5 & 6)

1L Focus Group

1L Course Scheduling Advising (Groups 3 & 4)

Graduating Students Focus Group

Advising Day

1L Course Scheduling Advising (Groups 1 & 2)

Séance d'information - Concours de plaidoirie

Séance d'information - Stages auprès de la magistrature

Clinical Legal Education Open House

First-year SLL Series Exam Prep Session

Workshop - How to negotiate your employment relationship and how gender affects salary

Left Behind: Systematic Minimization of Disability Rights in Law

Feminist Collective & Contours Magazine Potluck Social

Conférence avec le commissaire aux langues officielles du Canada | Conference with the Commissioner of Official Languages of Canada

Skit Nite

Lavery Halloween Suprise

MILS - World Bank Lecture on Anti-Corruption Law

ASF McGill: Panel - Kenya and the ICC

Coffeehouse Smart & Biggar

Norton Rose Fulbright Coffeehouse

Coffeehouse de la Clinique d'information juridique

Environmental Law McGill & Green Law Committee Coffeehouse

Coffeehouse Outlaw, Actus Reus & Transsymphoniques

IPITPOL, APLAM & Yoga Club Coffeehouse

Coffeehouse HRWG & ASF

MESLA & OCFC Coffeehouse

Desjardins In-House Event

Plan your future Conference - Speaker Andre Baccus (Heenan Blaikie)

Desjardins In-House Event

Supreme Court Clerkships Info Session

Etiquette Presentation

Alumni Coffee House

MLJ Annual Lecture

BLG Coffeehouse

MBLA - Fasken Martineau

Law School of Rock - Presented by Osler

Conférence McCarthy - An Unparalleled Experience: Summering and Articling at McCarthy Tétrault’s Montréal Office;

Dentons In-House Cocktail

MBLA - Osler

MBLA at Gowlings

Lunch with Dick Pound - MBLA

Halloween Party

LSA Halloween Coffeehouse

Conférence: Business of Law



Cueillette de pommes (arbre-en-arbre)

End of Exam Period

Début de la période d'examens

Gowlings Coffeehouse

Blakes Coffeehouse

Davies In-House Cocktail

Conférence Blakes (Litigation vs. Corporate)

McCarthy In-House Event

Coffeehouse MIFA

Homecoming Run


Malpractice Cup

Causerie McCarthy Tétrault - La pratique en droit médical

Heenan Blaikie Food Truck

Conférence Banque nationale

Dîner post-Soccer Challenge avec Stikeman Elliott

Stikeman Soccer Challenge

Clubs Day

Innocence McGill Movie Screening

Mature/Exchange Students Meetup - Bar Champs (Saint-Laurent)

Nightlife - Club Entourage (rue Crescent)

Evening at Brutopia (rue Crescent)

Welcome Ball commandité par Borden Ladner Gervais

Taco Truck sponsored by Gowlings

Dean's Coffeehouse

Ice Cream Stand sponsored by Fasken Martineau

Law Partner Lunch sponsored by Stikeman Elliott

Yoga in the Moot Court

Soirée de billard au Sharx avec les revues de droit

Visite de la Cour d'appel

BBQ sponsored by Scotia Bank


Pique-Nique au Parc Lafontaine

Souper Pizza

Scavenger Hunt

Tour de Montréal

Soirée / Nightlife - Bar Frappé (St-Laurent)

CEGEP Meetup - Bar Frappé (Saint-Laurent)

Open Air Pub

Keynote Speaker: Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart

Dîner dans l'atrium

Inter-Tribal Welcome to Students

Soirée / Nightlife

Welcome Dinner sponsored by National Bank

Tour du campus

Introductions from: SAO, CDO, LSA

Dîner dans l'atrium, commandité par Davies

Dean's Welcome

Orientation Registration

Course aux Stages - Interview Prep Session - Montréal

Entrevues simulées (Course aux stages)

Clinique CV (Course aux stages)

OCIs Info Session

Panel - Bar Info Session

Small Firms and Solo Practioners Luncheon

First Year Students Serie: Finding employment as a McGill Law Student: Comment partir du bon pied

Careers Day - Ontario

Journée Carrières - Quebec

Course aux Stages Mandatory Info Session - Moot Court

Public Interest Career Day

Panel de la pratique en entreprise

Grad Info Session

Courts and Clerkships Panel

Government and Public Policy Panel - Ottawa

Panel - Articling and Summer Opportunities Outside of Organized Recruitment

Toronto OCI Panel

1L Spring Fête

Exam Period Ends

Exam Period Begins

Relaxing Advising Afternoon with SAO, CDO and GSO

Yoga in the Moot Court

First Year Students Only - Wine and Cheese with the CDO

Aboriginal Law - Droit autochtone Speed Meet

Puppies & Pizza!


Legal Careers in the Banking Business

STUDENT SPEAKER SERIES: “FROM THE FIELD TO THE FACULTY” Legal and Extralegal Strategies for Combatting Discrimination and Violence against Women and LGBT Minorities

Cycle de conférences étudiantes: FROM THE FIELD TO THE FACULTY Human rights: Perspectives from Home and Away

STUDENT SPEAKER SERIES: “FROM THE FIELD TO THE FACULTY” Anti-discrimination and Alternative Means of Justic

Protecting All Creatures from Domestic Violence with Scott Heiser


Cocktail Desjardins

Journée d'entrevue simulées

Soirée portes ouvertes chez McCarthy Tétrault

BLSAM at BLSAC Conference

BLSAM volunteers for Children's Day at McGill

BLSAM Film Series and Discussion

Cocktail des carrières alternatives

An Afternoon with the Chinese Deputy Consul in Montreal

Joint Ventures in India

Gowlings Open House

Japanese Internment in Canada & the US

Innocence McGill Conference

Exam Question-answering workshop at Thomson House

Dean's Forum: Grading, Learning, Feedback, and Well-Being

Dean's Forum: French and English in the Faculty – une politique ou un mode de vie?

Dean's Forum: Course Offerings, Scheduling, JD/LL.B., Pedagogy and Curricular Reform

Dean's Forum: Articling, the LSUC proposals and Other Bar Issues

Utiliser Minerva et choisir ses cours

Voting for Innocence Referendum

Law/Med Halloween Party

Conférence sur la diversité McCarthy

Save the Date: FACL Conference

Pittman Potter on the Bo Xilai Trial & Its Implications for Those in China

MBLA @ Gowlings

MBLA @ Blakes

Hostile Intruder Presentation


Tax Court Clerkships Info Session

LSA Council meeting

Last Day of Exams

Course aux Stages Info Session

Supreme Court of Canada Clerkships Info Session

Toronto OCIs

2L Town Hall Meeting

Karaoke Night

Blakes Skit Nite

LSUC & Barreau Info Session

First Day of Exams

Interactive OCI Workshop with US recruiters

Last Day of Class

Academic Orientation Part 2

St Patrick's Day

Souper Étiquette - Stikeman Elliott

Incoming Exchange Student Information Session

McMillan in-house Cocktail

Careers Day - Ontario

MBLA @ Stikeman Elliott

Norton Rose Coffeehouse

Daylight Savings Time Begins

Journée Portes ouvertes @ Fasken Martineau

Blakes Coffeehouse

Post-Exam Survival Session

FMC Coffeehouse

Soirée Hockey Lavery

Journée Carrières

Préparation aux examens et gestion de stress

MBLA @ Stikeman Elliott

MBLA at Davies

Daylight Savings Time Begins

President at Norton Rose

Graduate Law Info Session and Panel

Heenan Blaikie Coffeehouse

Distribution des Bonbons par Lavery

Stikeman Soccer Challenge

MBLA @ Heenan Blaikie


Planning Your Degree in 3, 3.5 or 4 Years: Academic and Organized Recruitment Strategies

Judges Panel on Clerkships



Bennett Jones Welcome BBQ

MBLA @ McCarthy

SAO - Moot info session

MBLA @ Gowlings

Credit: Making it work for you

Clerkship and Graduate Studies Info Session

Natural Resources law in private practice (Rio Tinto)

CDP/AÉD - Coffeehouse des carrières internationales et pour la justice sociale

Clubs Day

Clerkship Information Session

BLG Coffeehouse

Davies In-House Cocktail

MBLA at Lapointe Rosenstein Marchand Melançon

BLG Welcome Ball

Public Interest Career Day

Gowlings Taco Lunch

Plan Your Future- Heenan Blaikie

The Business of Law

Small and Medium Firms Cocktail (en collaboration avec l'AJBM)

Coffehouse du Doyen

MBLA @ Osler

Panel de la pratique en entreprise

McCarthy Tetrault Conference: Working in a Big Law Firm

Smart and Biggar Coffeehouse

Department of Justice & Public Prosecution Service Canada

Fasken Martineau Ice Cream Stand

Course sur Mont Royal commandité par Osler

Law School of Rock

Stikeman Elliott Law Partner Lunch

Homecoming Coffeehouse

Labour Day

Malpractice Cup

Norton Rose Pro Bono Lunch

Gowlings Coffeehouse

MBLA @ Norton Rose

Human Rights Networking Lunch

Exchange Info Session

Heenan Blaikie Lucky's Sandwich Wagon