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Quid Novi
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Quid Novi est le journal hebdomadaire de la Faculté. Différent des autres journaux, il appartient entièrement aux étudiant(e)s de droit. It is a place where we can discuss ideas that might not otherwise be featured in classroom discussion, where we can bring the world into the Faculty or demonstrate how what we’ve learned in the Faculty can impact the world. The Quid allows us to challenge one another to consider new ideas and viewpoints. Malgré son essence intellectuelle, le Quid demeure un endroit d'expression artistique. The Quid regularly includes jokes, poems, and short stories. Mais ce n’est pas une publication limitée. As a student initiative, Quid Novi does not have an exclusive vision. It relies on you for its content. 

Alors, on vous encourage à nous rejoindre. Partagez vos œuvres ! Volunteer to be a staff writer or an editor. Suscitez un débat. Respond to an article with which you disagree. Make your voices heard, in whatever manner you see fit.

If this interests you, contact us at

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