Formulaires pour les clubs
Club Documents
LSA clubs registration form | Formulaire d'inscription des clubs de l'AÉD (2021-2022) 
ASEF Funding Application Form/ Demande de financement FDVE (2021-2022)
LSA Funding Application 2021-2022 / Demande de financement AÉD (2021-2022)
LSA Reimbursement Form / Demande de remboursement (2021-2022)


Want to organize an in-person event? Seulement certains évènements seront acceptés chaque mois. Here's 3 categories: 

Indoor events at the Faculty. 

Every event inside the Faculty will be supervised by the SAO. You can fill out this form to convince us that your event has to be held in person. Use the template below and submit your proposal.

Bonne chance!

Outdoor events at the Faculty. 

Every event outside the Faculty, on campus, will be supervised by McGill Central. **INFO COMING SOON**