Animal Advocacy / Défense animale
Animal Advocacy / Défense animale

Activism/droits humains

Animal Advocacy / Défense Animale is dedicated to promoting the welfare of animals in human society
and in nature. Sa mission est de contribuer aux initiatives visant à améliorer le bien-être animal, ainsi que
d'accroître la sensibilisation au statut et au traitement des animaux au Canada et à travers le monde. Animal Advocacy provides a welcoming and friendly environment for supporting our animal companions and co-inhabitants of the Earth, and for meeting with other students interested in advancing animal causes.

This year, we are planning a number of exciting activities, such as inviting inspiring guest speakers, hosting documentary viewings, and fundraising for charities supporting animals. Nous aimerions aussi organiser quelques rencontres en plein air, afin de pouvoir se rencontrer en personne et apprendre à mieux se connaître.

To find out more about us, follow our facebook page, and check out our new website!

If you are unable to attend Clubs Day, please contact Animal Advocacy at to learn more

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