Black Law Students' Association of McGill (BLSAM)
Black Law Students' Association of McGill (BLSAM)

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The Black Law Students’ Association of McGill (BLSAM) is a student-run organization at the Faculty of Law. Its mission is to promote the inclusion of Black and racialized students in the Faculty by centering the values of diversity, empowerment, leadership and education. Through its programming, BLSAM aims to increase the visibility of Black and racialized students at the Faculty and provide its members with the necessary tools to achieve the best law school experience. Throughout the year, the Association organizes a number of activities including CV and cover letter workshops, review sessions and events inside and outside the Faculty.

BLSAM is committed to addressing the needs of its members, the legal community and the society at large. Allies from all backgrounds are welcome to help the Association further its mission.

This year, BLSAM will be led by Hülya Miclisse-Polat (3L) and Amélia Souffrant (3L) who have been elected as presidents.

2021-2022 Executive Positions
All positions on our executive team are open for this academic year, and we want you to join our team! We are looking for:

Vice-president internal;
Vice-president external;
Vice-president alumni;
Vice-president finance;
Vice-president events;
Vice-president communications;
and Members of the support committee.

Pour appliquer, envoyez une courte lettre de motivation à avant le 17 septembre 2021. Pour avoir plus d'informations sur l’association ou sur le comité exécutif, venez nous voir à Clubs Day!

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