DALA Droit Autrement / Legal Alternatives
DALA Droit Autrement / Legal Alternatives


Founded in 2016, DALA (Droit Autrement/Legal Alternative) is based in Montréal, at McGill University.

DALA is a club at the McGill faculty of Law that highlights creative, alternative legal careers and the evolution of the legal profession. Our aim is to connect with and interview inspiring individuals who have used their legal skills and knowledge to realise unconventional careers. Many students go to law school wanting to end up working in “big law” for their entire career. Nous ne dénigrons pas cela si c’est ce qu’ils et elles veulent vraiment faire. Toutefois, DALA se concentre sur les étudiants qui prennent ce cheminement non-pas par désir mais parce qu’ils n’ont pas été exposé à d’autres options. One way we do this is through Lawfully Uncommon, a project made up of interviews with people who've gone on to use their legal or business skills to realise unconventional projects or practice a different kind of law.
DALA has some exciting new projects coming this year; more interviews, monthly webinars, online networking events and social media campaigns and more! If you’re a creative spirit wanting to network and explore the legal profession through diverse lenses, join DALA!

If you are unable to attend Clubs Day, please contact DALA at communication.dalamcgill@gmail.com to learn more.

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