Droit alternatif

Dictum is a student-run think tank that centers values of equity, inclusion, and questioning the status quo in fields of research and advocacy. The Think Tank aims to produce content such as op-eds, podcasts, literature reviews, and original research, alongside creating space to have dialogue around pertinent topics of equity and justice. The Think Tank will also serve as a hub to mobilize law students to engage in organizing, protesting, and advocating for change.

The term 'dictum', arises in legal vocabulary entailing a formal pronouncement from an authoritative source. Naming our think tank 'dictum' was a choice to appropriate this power and authority and confer it to underrepresented voices. This think tank is rooted in challenging the inequitable distribution of power in society.

If you are unable to attend Clubs Day, please contact Dictum at dictumthinktank@gmail.com to learn more.

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