Food and Agriculture Law Clinic (FALC)
Food and Agriculture Law Clinic (FALC)

Specialized area of the law

The Food and Agriculture Law Clinic (FALC) helps food-focused non-profits in Québec and Canada navigate their legal and policy questions. We believe law and policy are valuable tools that can help improve our food systems, and that both should be accessible to all.

The Clinic’s mission is two-fold:
1. To provide food organizations with the legal information and policy research they need to facilitate their work and advance their goals, and
2. To offer law students opportunities to gain the necessary skills and experience to pursue vibrant careers in food law and/or public policy.

We envision a world where fresh, healthy food is safe, readily available, sustainably grown and produced, and equitably prepared and served. We believe that food safety, sovereignty, access, and sustainability are key to creating thriving communities. We are starting in our own backyards, but we hope to expand our reach.

This year, we will be continuing our partnership with Pro Bono Students Canada to provide research and learning opportunities for law students.

Something new this year is that we will be merging with the McGill Food Law Society, which means that we will be planning and hosting a lot of exciting events related to delicious food and raising awareness about food law issues locally in Montreal, and across Canada more broadly.

If you can’t make it to Clubs Day, and are interested in learning more, email

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