Indigenous Law Association / Association du Droit Autochtone
Indigenous Law Association / Association du Droit Autochtone

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Concerned by the issues involving the Indigenous peoples and the Canadian state, such as the recent tragic discovery of the remains of Indigenous children near residential schools? Looking for a space where your Indigenous identity can flourish? Want to act as a strong ally? Then the Indigenous Law Association / Association du Droit Autochtone (ILADA) wants you to join its club!

What is ILADA?!?
The Indigenous Law Association / Association du Droit Autochtone (ILADA) is a bilingual club of the McGill Faculty of Law that has a threefold mission. Through its many annual events, campaigns and creative platforms, ILADA aims to: (i) raise awareness of the legal, political and social issues on Turtle Island affecting Indigenous communities in Canada; (ii) provide a safe and positive space for discussion and reflection where all students are welcome regardless of their level of knowledge of Indigenous issues; and (iii) help law students to gain valuable insights into the practice of Aboriginal law.

As of last year, ILADA now includes an Indigenous legal journal, Rooted, which is one of the first of its kind in Canada. The journal represents a conscious attempt to create space for Indigenous legalities,
knowledge and perspectives. The contributors – academics, activists, artists, and leaders – offer insight into Indigenous ways of seeing and knowing beyond the dominant liberal paradigm. The project is in part a response to a call that several Indigenous scholars have issued: to take Indigenous constitutional orders seriously.

Year after year, ILADA remains very active, whether through events organized at the faculty (e.g. round table, presentation, animated coffeehouse), within the Indigenous legal journal Rooted or on social media!

C’est beau sur papier, mais qu’avez-vous fait concrètement lors des dernières années?!?
En 2019-20, ILADA a organisé les activités suivantes:
● ILADA’s Annual Panel : Working in Aboriginal Law
● ILADA’s Annual Coffeehouse: Special Trivia and give away of traditional food and bracelets
● ILADA’s Conference: Climate Crisis: Impacts on Indigenous Refugees

En 2020-21, malgré l’enseignement à distance, ILADA a mis sur pied les évènements suivants:
●ILADA’s Conference: Inuit Northern Landscapes: Reimagining a Way Forward with Sheila Watt-Cloutier*
●ILADA Annual Panel on Working in Aboriginal Law*
●ILADA presents: Incident at Restigouche Film Screening

En 2021, Rooted a publié deux numéros pour son premier volume : (i) Rooted Constitutionalism and (ii) Land Back.

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